Hey, Thrivers! Welcome to another series.

In the next 8-days, we will strengthen and increase mobility in our most important phalanges - our hands and feet. By taking time to focus on these areas we can cultivate balance which may prevent injury well into our older years.



Introducing the


Living Yoga for a Better Life

Explore how the lessons of yoga on the mat translate into better living off the mat. A personal ongoing goal of mine is to live yoga in everyday life, not just on the mat.


This is something that I connect with deeply and these values are what I strive to live by. These practices, these beliefs all ‘different’ yet ‘united’ at the same time - aiming to spread good values, morals, and energy.


Live Your Yoga Anywhere You Go

My mission is to empower individuals to take complete ownership of their lives. Members will experience life-changing and permanent growth in mind, body, and soul.  

With access, you can take part in daily exercises and weekly live stream classes. I'll share everything from my daily health tips to insights on how to live a more fulfilled life. 

-Joy Scola


Hands & Feet 8-Day Series

Prevention | Recovery

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Joy of Thriving

Multiple Programs for thriving on & off the mat

  • Learn Yogic principles that can be applied to everyday life situations.
  • Take time to connect with your inner-self and reawaken your passions.
  • Build a solid understanding of Yoga and trust within your body.
  • Cultivate inner and outer peace.
  • Available to revisit anytime
  • SMOKE: Various Yoga Styles to leave you feeling awake & energized
  • FIRE: HIIT/Power Yoga to burn away anything unwanted
  • ASH: Yin & Meditation to plant the seeds for growth
  • Send in video/pose/intention requests.
  • Ask questions // for advice.
  • Receive assistance with your ailments and/or goals.

Hi, I’m Joy

Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor

I first fell in love with Yoga when I was introduced to Acrobatic Yoga (Acro Yoga) years ago after arriving in Texas from California. Since moving to Austin a year later, and receiving my 200 hr CT in Hatha, I have made it my life's mission to inspire others to live a more holistic, active lifestyle.

A blend of modalities, my teaching leaves space for healing while remaining playful. Mostly slowed down for time to feel into the poses with a strong focus on breath and mindfulness. I like to weave different styles to create a unique, intentional experience that leaves you feeling relaxed and grounded. Yoga has been a messy, healing journey of calling home the parts of myself that I’ve disconnected from in moments of fear and pain. I want to be the light in the darkness for others who are trapped in the misbeliefs and lies that took root while learning how the world works. I want to show them, there’s a path to coming back to wholeness.


IG:@JoyScola // Private IG Yoga Plan: @JoyScolaYoga