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Joy of Yoga Sequencing Virtual Training 

Feeling like you're lost in creating Yoga sequences for yourself and/or your classes? Maybe your Teacher Training didn't cover it well enough or you're not an instructor but would like to deepen your knowledge so that you can be more consistent in your practice.

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For this reason, I'm starting an 8-week online Yoga Training that will help you feel confident in designing flows based on any needs and time restraints.

Confused to Confident

Feeling unsure and inconsistent in your Yoga practice/teaching?

- Let me help you feel knowledgeable in your skills so you can be more present and consistent. 

What We'll Cover:

• 4 Main Yoga Styles, Types of Poses, Breath Work, Meditations, & Energetic Effects

• Ayurvedic Elements of Body-Types for Creating Balance

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Water Element.png
Fire Element.png
Wind Element.png
Ether Element.png





• Anatomy, Kinesiology, & The Subtle Energy Body


• How to Recognize & Regulate Emotions in Yourself & Others

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• What to Apply, When to Apply It, & How to Apply It 

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• How to Stay Consistent & Adjust Your Routine

What You Get

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16 Live Session to Include:

  • 8 Live Trainings

  • 8 Live Practices + Q&A's

Lifetime Access to Content

Lifetime Acces to Private Facebook Group

Printable PDF

Surprise Gift

About me:
I have been a Yoga instructor for 10 years and have practiced/taught many forms of Yoga such as Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, and restorative, including various kinds of meditations and breathwork. I have the ability to come up with flows on the spot based on my needs/the needs of others. This allows me the ability to be fully present and tuned in to the moment. 


I first fell in love with Acro-Yoga years ago after arriving in Texas. I dedicated all of my free time to practicing and eventually started teaching at the same gym I first flew in. Since then, I have worked for various studios around town, taught private lessons, and have hosted workshops for Lululemon featured as their Studio of the Month.


In addition to teaching acrobatic yoga, I received my 200 hr Trauma-Awareness-Based Hatha Yoga Certification, including many other trainings/immersions such as Yin Yoga, The Art of Holding Space, Yoga as Medicine, and more!

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