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Become the Confident Yogi You've Always Imagined You'd Be.

Feeling unsure and inconsistent in your Yoga practice/teaching?

- Let me help you feel knowledgeable in your skills so you can be more present and consistent. 

The Process:
From Confused to Confident

In this 8-week online yoga sequencing course you will go from feeling uninspired when creating your yoga classes to creating dynamic and meaningful sequences that leave you and/or your students feeling energized and rejuvenated! Each week I will guide you through a journey of self-discovery and learning, as you explore the foundations and principles of yoga, and gain a deeper understanding of different yoga poses and their energetic effects.

For the average Yogi looking to deepen their practice

Like many people, you may be looking to deepen your personal yoga practice but don't want to become a teacher commit to the price and time it takes to attend a full-fledged yoga teacher certification. My online yoga sequencing course is the perfect alternative.


Once you gain a comprehensive understanding of the foundations of yoga, different poses and styles and their energetic effects, you'll then have the ability to go with the flow, allowing your body to guide you based on your specific needs and time constraints.


Plus, with pre-recorded content and lifetime access to the materials, you can learn at your own pace and revisit the materials anytime you want or need to. Save time and money by committing to yourself and deepening your practice today.

For the Yoga Teacher who feels underprepared to create & memorize flows

Did you graduate from a yoga teacher training program that left you feeling unsure about your ability to sequence and memorize a class or how to create dynamic and meaningful classes on the spot based on the needs of your students at any given moment?


My online yoga sequencing course is here to help. I will guide you through the art of sequencing and help you gain the skills and knowledge to create personalized classes that are tailored to the needs of your students. You will gain the confidence to come up with a sequence on the spot and lead effective classes by investing in this course today.

The Curriculum:
8 Weeks to Self-Reliance

Week 1: Learn how to establish a home practice and gain a solid understanding of the foundations and principles of yoga. I'll also introduce you to the arc structure of yoga classes, and show you how to create themed yoga flows that will leave yourself and/or students feeling centered and rejuvenated, allowing you to finally say goodbye to ineffective and boring flows.

Week 2: Delve deeper into the different yoga styles and their energetic effects, as well as the art of sequencing. You'll learn how to create well-rounded classes that are tailored to the needs of your students and that leave them feeling balanced and grounded.

Week 3: Explore the world of asanas, as you examine pose categories, pose energies, and modifications. You'll learn how to create well-rounded classes that leave you and/or your students feeling both challenged and supported.

Week 4: Focuses on transitions, as you learn about structural, expressive, and energetic transitions. You'll learn how to create seamless classes that flow naturally from one pose to the next and intrinsically know what complimentary and counter poses to offer.


Week 5: Discover the connection between stress and the nervous system. You will learn about trauma and stress, recognize emotions and learn how to regulate emotions and co-regulate emotions with your students.

Week 6: Realize how the world is made of energy, as you learn about Ayurveda, Chakras, and energy meridians. You'll gain a deeper understanding of how to create classes that balance and align the body's energy systems.

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Week 7: Unearth your and your students self-power to heal, as you learn about addressing physical, mental, and emotional ailments through yoga. You will learn techniques to create classes that help you and/or your students to heal and nourish their body, mind and spirit.

Week 8: Time to fly, Little Bird. Learn how to create a Sankalpa (a heartfelt teacher's prayer), understand how to differentiate between intuition vs ego, teach from experience, and how to memorize sequences.

This comprehensive course is normally $699, but for a limited time, we're offering it at a discounted price of $249. This is your chance to invest in yourself and your yoga practice, and gain the skills and knowledge you need to take your classes to the next level, addressing your pain-points and finding your unique teaching style. 

Our course is pre-recorded, so you can learn at your own pace and revisit the materials anytime you want or need to. Plus, once you enroll, you'll have LIFETIME ACCESS to the course, so you can continue to refer back to it as your knowledge and understanding of yoga sequencing grows.

Don't wait any longer, sign up for our online yoga sequencing course today and start your journey towards becoming a more confident and knowledgeable yoga teacher.

What others have said about the course


"As a yoga teacher, I found myself feeling stale in my teaching and in need of new inspiration. I've always followed and loved Joy's Yoga videos, but I wasn't sure if the online yoga sequencing course was right for me. But I decided to give it a try and I'm so glad I did!

The course was comprehensive and covered everything from the foundations of yoga and different styles, to the art of sequencing and the ability to create tailored classes to the students in the room. I learned how to create personalized classes that are tailored to the needs of my students.

I highly recommend this course to any yoga teacher who is looking to add variety and impact to their classes, and who is seeking new inspiration for their personal and professional growth. The course was well worth the investment and I can't wait to continue to apply what I've learned in my own teaching."

- Amir B.

"I never had much time for myself as a full-time working mother of three kids, let alone time for a regular yoga practice. However, I was aware that I needed something to relieve my tension and keep me active. The yoga sequencing course I discovered online was the ideal solution for me.

Due to my hectic schedule, the self-paced nature of the course allowed me to learn at my own speed. I appreciated not having to locate childcare or take time out of work to complete the course because I could do it from home.

The course's ability to let me trust my body to go through poses that were effective and catered to my various requirements and time constraints was what I appreciated most about it. I discovered how to design a customised routine that suited my particular requirements and could be completed in the little spare time I had.

Additionally, I was able to increase my self-awareness and become more conscious of my body. This allowed me to unwind and spend more time with my family.

Any working parent or professional on the go who wants to quickly enhance their health and well-being should take this course."

- Sasha Q.

image (7).jpg

"I recently graduated from a teacher training program but didn't feel like it did a good enough job of preparing me for writing, remembering, and creating yoga flows on the spot which left me feeling apprehensive about my teaching abilities.

I discovered the online yoga sequencing course and it really changed my life. The training was thorough and covered a wide range of topics, including the history of yoga and its various types as well as the art of sequencing and how to design sessions specifically for the people present.

In particular, Week 8 of the training helped me gain confidence in my sequencing. I learned how to make a Sankalpa (a sincere teacher's prayer) that i say before each class, provide lessons based on personal experience, and memorize my planned out flows. I am now confident in my ability to design lessons that are specific, leaving everyone feeling grounded and balanced.

In my opinion, any yoga instructor, whether new or longtime, who wants to get a deeper understanding of the practice and the abilities to design a customized practice that caters to the individual requirements of their students should take this course."

- Jessica B.

"After my accident, I had severe back pain for a long time, so I was seeking for a way to keep up a regular personal yoga practice that would ease my pain and increase my mobility. I chose to attempt the online yoga sequencing course after finding it.

The quantity of information and skills I learned from the training was astounding.

For me, the course's fifth week—which primarily deals with stress and the neurological system—was a turning point. It aided me in developing a practice that was therapeutic for my body as well as my mind and soul.

It also taught me how to deal with the physical and mental anguish. I was able to create a customized routine that fits my unique needs and that I can maintain even when my pain flares up because of this training. I now have a greater grasp of how to use yoga to enhance my general well-being and am able to move with more comfort and less discomfort.

I wholeheartedly endorse this course to anybody seeking to expand their understanding of yoga and acquire the abilities and information necessary to design an individual practice that meets their unique requirements."

- Will F.

image (16).jpg
image (4)_edited.jpg

"I am really appreciative of the information and abilities this course has given me. I've always found it difficult to organize my yoga flows in a ways so it affects the energy of my students. However, after completing this course, my approach to teaching has changed. I gained knowledge of the fundamentals and tenets of yoga, various poses and their energy implications, and the craft of sequencing. 

​I particularly like how the course examined the relationship between stress and the neurological system and used yoga to treat physical, mental, and emotional disorders. It has aided me in developing lessons that are therapeutic for the mind, as well as the physically. 

I was finally able to say good-bye to dull sequences and welcome to contented learners.

Joy was really educated and encouraging, and I really felt free to ask her anything. 

I liked that I could take the course at my own speed and that it was self-paced."

- Kim L.

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